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Our sharpening device is working since 1982 always with respect to our clients needs ,for the best service that we can provide them.

Always following the technology revolution and innovations we have invest in new machinery for the sharpening of all the cutting tools in wood processing .

To our sharpening equipment that is in your disposal since 35 years we have added the following machinery for the best support to your needs

Our Latest Equipment additions:

– 2 CNC WALTER DIAMOND first choice when it comes to eroding rotationally-symmetrical PCD and CBN tools or grinding HM/HSS tools.

– VOLLMER QW For automatic measurement and erosion of tools with cutting edges made of PCD and other hard materials

– VOLLMER QR Suitable for eroding the top of PCD teeth on circular sawblades.


A grinding machine with eight CNC-controlled axes and a measuring device, designed for the automated machining of carbide-tipped circular saw blades of various diameters and tooth top and face geometries and automatic loading system .

Our note to all our clients is that the grinding process plays the lead role in their production . This is because it determines the tool’s level of precision and service life, as well as being the definitive mark of quality.