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Cutting Tools

Guaranteed by SADIMAC

SADIMAC operates a fully functional production unit for the creation of woodworking cutting tools on PCD/CBN and HW/HSS.


Either for a standard cutting tool or a complex custom order, we design and manufacture woodworking cutting tools based on your needs.

The entire production procedure is completed in CAD-CAM integrated systems, that guarantee top quality. All raw materials are of high standards and from selected suppliers only. The combination of advanced technology and specially trained, highly qualified personnel ensure rapid delivery of products that are 100% value for money.

Balancing - Testing and Marking of Tools

After final assembly, all tools are being tested in high rotational speeds and balanced by electronic equipment, in order to avoid machining damages and reductions in the quality of the processed products.

Once the testing process is over, each product is laser-marked with all product data.


A big range of cutting tools is always available in stock, in order to provide fast solutions to your production needs and delivery times:

- Tools on PCD (diamond)/CBN and HW/HSS
- Band saws
- Saw Blades
- Cutterheads
- Planner knives
- Router bits
- Solid carbide router bits
- Toolholders
- Spare parts

Our expertise knowledge in the manufacture of woodworking cutting tools is the best consulting partner you need that will assist you to find a solution customized to your specific needs.

We are happy to meet you in person to get you acquainted with all available options.

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