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Cutting Tools

A solution to every need

Every production comes with different requirements. Attention to detail is key for the final result. We, at Sadimac, address the needs of the woodworking industry, providing each customer with the correct cutting tool to address each specific production they have. A cutting tool that is durable, reliable and of high quality.

When you choose high-quality cutting tools by Sadimac, you capitalize on the experience of our team of experts’ and you receive:

-Less interruptions during your production process

-Cost reduction

-Upgrade of your final product.


Are you in need of a specific cutting tool?

We have the tool that covers your needs, the moment you need it.

A big range of cutting tools is always available on stock, to provide fast solutions to your production needs and delivery times.
Our range of cutting tools includes:

  • CNC cutting tools

  • PCD (diamond)/CBN and HW/HSS (High speed steel) cutting tools)

  • Band saws

  • Saw Blades

  • Cutterheads

  • Planner knives

  • Router bits

  • Solid carbide router bits

  • Toolholders

  • Spare parts

Are you in need of a specific cutting tool?

Are you in need of a tailor-made cutting tool?

We provide solutions even to the most demanding challenges!

Each production comes with different requirements. When a standard wood cutting tool does not cover your needs, we are able to develop custom orders, to address your specifications.


Are you in need of a tailor-made cutting tool?

Cutting Tools manufacturing for every need

SADIMAC operates a fully functional production unit for the creation of woodworking cutting tools on PCD/CBN and HW/HSS. Our expertise knowledge in the manufacture of woodworking cutting tools is the best consulting partner you need to assist in finding a solution customized to your specific needs (e.g. CNC cutting tool, solid carbide router bits, etc).

Cutting Tools manufacturing for every need

Why choose Cutting Tools on PCD/CBN and HW/HSS?
Extreme durability, upper quality

Focusing on advanced technology innovations, we are able to design and manufacture reliable, top quality PCD/CBN and HW/HSS cutting tools that have extended lifetime and reduced daily wearing.

>> Excellent cost performance
Extended lifetime and less maintenance frequency can severely cut down on your cost expenses.

>> Machine higher performance
The performance of PCD/CBN and HW/HSS cutting tools leads to improved performance of the machine in total and ameliorates the cost of investment.

cutting tools images


Why choose us


Why choose us


>> Design

The entire product design, prototype development, final production of cutting tools is completed via dedicated CAD & CAM software (Computer Aided Design & Manufacture).
Either for a standard cutting tool or a complex custom order, we design and manufacture woodworking cutting tools based on your needs.


>> Innovation



We, at Sadimac, stay on top of any new technological innovation.

The development of new, more effective and efficient solutions for wood cutting tools is what we specialize in.
We constantly design and implement new and improved technologies and materials, to achieve higher performance for our products.


>> Raw Materials

Raw Materials


We guarantee the quality of our products, so that you can guarantee the quality of your products as well!

We develop solutions that extend the lifetime of your wood cutting tools and reduce the total cost per operation.
We use raw materials of high standards and from selected suppliers only for the production of our cutting tools.

quality control 2


>> Rapid Delivery

We assure short delivery times as we rely on our:
-Advanced technology, fast production times
-Highly qualified personnel
-Extensive stock product

>> Quality Control

100% value for money

After final assembly, all tools are being tested in high rotational speeds and balanced by electronic equipment. This way:

  • Machining damages are avoided
  • The quality of the processed product is assured.

quality control 1 


Guarantee assurance
Once the testing process is over, each product is laser-marked with all product data.


quality control 2


We are here for you

>> Support

SADIMAC’s fully trained technical staff, with multi-years’ experience in the woodworking machinery industry, is ready to provide technical assistance and/or training on CNC machinery software.

>> Sharpening

Our state-of-the-art sharpening division provides cutting precision and extended cutting tools lifetime, thus leading to cost reduction.


Each customer is unique

We offer each customer what they need, the moment they need it.

We hold long-term business relationships based on mutual trust. We focus not only on the products we offer, but also on building a relationship that lasts and provides support even in the most demanding times.





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